So much Glass! And why it has hidden costs!

Glass and the use of glass in home improvement has become more and more popular over the last 20 years. With stunning designs becoming a reality on TV programmes such as Grand Designs, we are all looking to incorporate more glass into our homes.

Glass has many benefits – Natural daylight which saves us money on energy bills and also benefits our health believe it or not. And the cost of glass is becoming more affordable, but there are hidden costs that a lot of people dont think about when planning to install large areas of glass.

Glass is heavy! And this requires the use of lifting machinery and as we found out on our last project you may even need to hire the use of a crane!

With over a ton of glass required for our last project we needed to hire a crane and these things are not cheap! Especially when the only place to set the crane was in the road next to the propery, we needed a road closure permit for the day – Something none of us expected.

On the low end you could be paying £150 an hour to hire a 12 tonne franna crane, whereas a tower crane could cost you around £10,000 to hire for a month.

Even if you have a single Rooflight, the weight of this will need to be taken into account. A simple Flat Glass Rooflight at 2000 x 1000mm can weigh 150KG and depending where this needs to be installed you will need to plan how you are getting it there. A single storey extension as you may be able to hoist it up which wont cost a fortune if your builder or roofer has a hoist. But anything higher and you may need to invest in something else to aid in getting it to the roof.

The finished project, so much glass! Rooflights, windows, bi-folds. But tons of natural daylight!

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